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November 20, 2006


That EzineArticles Guy ;-)

I think after you've written many hundreds or thousands of articles, you have a writing muscle/skill that is so well developed that you forget that newbies who are just starting out experience something different than what you do when it comes to the feelings of 'writers block'.

For me, I have so many articles floating in my head at any given moment that all it usually takes is for me to stop, sit down at the keyboard and release my ideas. Usually, I'll have a core idea or theme that has been brewing in my head before I even sit down to write the next article.

I know that writers who fail to plan or fail to setup an environement that supports their article writing goals (if they have them) are more prone to feelings of writers block.

Yes, excuses exist and there are days or times (rare as they are) when I don't feel like writing, but I'd never say that I have writers block... I'd just come back to it or do something to change my environment to make writing more fun.

Jeff Herring

Good points Chris, that I think everyone from newbies to those "highly muscled" can learn from. For me in teaching folks how to write articles it comes down to who is in or this nebulous thing called writer's block.


Hi Jeff, loved both comments from you and Chris. In fact I just joined his list. I have SO MANY ideas, people and things to write about that when I want to post on either of my blogs, I think it has to be totally well searched and perfect and often times I find myself getting inspired in the moment by something or someone and there is the post. I blog about health issues at and just free flow at Articles?? I so want to do 10 articles(as per Matt Bacak) but the hard part is, that first step.

It took me months to start a blog. I felt embarrassed to put my words and thoughts out there. Four months later I have 2 blogs and post on a third.

So writer's block? I think its just called blocked and we can apply it to anything.

A recommendation to people who 'feel weird' putting themselves out there. Go to and see the teenagers expressing themselves with their videos. Inspirting!!

Wordslinger Apprentice

A writer's block can be likened to a wannabe internet marketer's block as well. Wanting to start but getting so many false starts that everything jams up after a while.

Maybe it has to do with not keeping up with keeping up.

Or maybe there's a feeling of futility to the whole exercise.

If an idea gets too complex that one feels hopeless about expressing it, then you can say the person is experiencing a block, unable to get on and basically just getting stucked there.

To repeat someone who already said it (Chris Knight?), you get a block when you don't have the muscles to move through it.

Or you simple don't have the experience to move around it.

As much as a block is a psychological thing, it does exist.

Its purpose is to stop you dead on your track. To stump your efforts.

To the initiated, there are ways around it or through it. But if you're stopped dead at some point because of a block, you must first of all recognise it, and then you can work yourself out of it eventually - if you persist enough.

Kieran McKendrick

I'm going to TOTALLY disagree with you on this one. In fact, I wrote a manual on how to overcome writers block simply because I was having such a hard time actually getting anything on the page ( when I sat down to write.

I think what happens, though, is that you get an idea in your head and you want to capture it exactly as it is in your head. And then when you look at the blank page, you have no idea how to do it or the right word doesn't come and that stops you in your tracks.

The biggest part of getting past that moment when your mind goes blank is to have tools and techniques that get the pump primed and get you started. Once the words start, no matter how awful, then it gets easier and easier. And, in time, and with practice it disappears.

I think a lot of people get stuck in that rut of needing to be perfect and when they can't come up with the perfect word or sentence or paragraphy, they just get stuck and that's it for either that session or even for months until they figure out the tricks or techniques that at least get them started.

Ron Borg

If you want to feel writers block, work on only writing with original thoughts. We all know how to come up with articles… decide on a topic, do a little research and then put your own slant on it. That’s the problem with 98% of what makes it onto blogs, articles and websites. It’s all been written before.

But when you desire to write with true original thoughts that you have developed yourself, well then I say, writers block is inevitable.

It reminds me of am old sailor I once met. I told him that I envied his position in life as the skipper of his own catamaran in the Virgin Islands. I intimated that I would like to trade places with him.

He snickered and said, “So you think you’re cut out for a life at sea? I told him that I was always comfortable out on the water - that I never got seasick. He said “When I hire crew, I always ask if they ever got seasick. If they say “No”. I tell em to get lost. If you’ve never gotten sick at sea, well then, you just havent been at sea long enough!”.

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